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Artists Personal Sketch Cards


  Bad Apple


  Mitch Ballard


  Jamie Biggs


  Nestor Celario


  James W. Coon




  Dave Fox


  Fraim Brothers - Brendon and Brian Fraim


  Jonathan D. Gordon


  Charles Hall





  Dion Hamill


  Fred Hembeck


  Christopher Henderson


  Erik Hodson


  Michael Kasinger


  Lee Kohse


  Brian Kong

 Other Brian Kong Art:
 Card Gallery --- Avengers  /  Spider-Man Movie 3  /  MM'07

  Danny Kuang


  Marlo Lodrigueza


  Butch Mapa


  Warren Martineck

 Other Warren Martineck Art:
 Card Gallery --- Avengers   /  MCC  Original Card Art  /  Uncut

  Mark Martino


  Mark McHaley


  Rich A. Molinelli

 Other Rich A. Molinelli Art:
 Card Gallery --- Avengers  /  MM'07

  Eric R. Muller


  J. Oleson


  Nadya Ortega


  Tony Perna

 Other Tony Perna Art:
 Card Gallery --- Avengers

  Jason Potratz & Jack Hai


  Mark Propst


  Mike Rooth


  Blair Shedd


  Allison Sohn

 Other Allison Sohn Art:
 Card Gallery ---   MM'07

  Joe St. Pierre


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