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  What is a sketch card, sketchagraph, custom cover or sketchafex card?  Different terms for original art cards ... typically a 2 inch by 3 inch pack-inserted trading card with an original art on it.  "Sketchagraphs", the term coined by Fleer Skybox, were inserted in Fleer Ultra Spider-Man '97 (at 1 per 12 boxes!), Marvel Creator's Collection '98 and Marvel Silver Age (both at 1 per box).  Original sketch cards were also inserted in Marvel Comics trading card set Marvel Legends but referred to as "Custom Card" by Topps. Later, Rittenhouse Archives included sketch cards in their trading card sets and referred to these as "sketchafex" cards. Over the years, Rittenhouse Archives has released many Marvel Comics sets from The Complete Avengers in 2006 to its most recent set Marvel Dangerous Divas 2.  Upper Deck Entertainment also followed suit with its Marvel Masterpieces,  Marvel Beginnings,  Marvel Premier, several Marvel movie and other card sets. Uncut sketch cards (generally 3 inch by 5 inch) represent "unofficial" cards since these cards were not cut and not inserted in the card sets while AP ("artist proof") cards were given to artists as incentives to cater to the desires of collectors.  Also, many artists and collectors have created their own "unique" sketch cards (referred to as "PSCs" or  personal sketch  cards.)

The  below galleries represent my collection of these small original pieces of comic art cards.  My collection is primarily focused on Spider-Man, his villains and friends.  I hope you enjoy my site!
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I am always interested in Spider-Man and related characters sketch cards. If you have sketch cards (especially from Fleer Ultra Spider-Man) that you would like to trade or sale,  please contact me. 


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